Dr. Diana Abdulhameed

Dr. Diana Abdulhameed joined Dr. Cruz’s research team as a Postdoctoral Fellow after the completion of her Ph.D. at the University of Alberta. She conducts research in shelf angle installations on supporting brick veneers. Currently, there is no detailed finite element modelling or testing conducted on the hardware’s design when it is installed on a concrete/steel stud/wood floor system/CMU backup.

These elements are designed based on either over- or under- conservative philosophies. Dr. Abdulhameed will conduct an extensive FEA modelling for the connected elements; she will take into account the flexibility of the backup, the type of connection between the shelf angle and the backup, the role of the stiffness of the brick veneer on the behaviour of the shelf angle, and the connection of the brick veneer to the backup. The main objective of this study is to develop a finite element model using Abaqus to provide a better understanding of the shelf angle behaviour in various design situations.

She is interested in this project for two reasons. First, she is genuinely excited by how the results of this project will affect the industry. Second, she will enhance her Finite Element Modelling skills by dealing with new materials and behaviours. Through her daily interactions with experienced researchers and designers, she will broaden knowledge of Masonry design and its industry.