Joseph Entz

Joseph Entz started his MSc project in September 2016.

Tall, slender masonry walls are a competitive option for resisting axial and out-of-plane loading in both low- and high-rise structures. The appeal of such walls is partially due to fewer construction materials, lower seismic weight, and faster construction; however, CSA S304-14 places restrictions on the axial load capacity, buckling stability, and reinforcement details of slender masonry walls, which limits their application.

While most conventional masonry walls rely on a single reinforcement bar placed at the centre of a block, Joseph is working on a new type of slender masonry wall based on a concept adapted from seismic boundary elements, which is being developed at the U of A. These ‘in-line boundary elements’ act as localized regions of strength and stiffness by providing tied reinforcement in two layers close to the surface of the wall.