Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael obtained his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 2013 from Panamerican University (UP) in Guadalajara Mexico. In September 2019, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Douglas Tomlinson to pursue a Master’s degree

His research is about near-surface mounted (NSM) reinforcement, an attractive technique in which reinforcing materials are placed near the extreme tension fiber providing higher ductility than conventional construction walls. This is especially suitable for slender masonry walls since we need to efficiently increase flexural capacities and account for P-Δ effects.

Since ancient times masonry has been used extensively for low and mid-rise buildings. Rafael will test this material in innovative configurations so that it can become a modern solution for the most challenging projects.

Rafael is passionate about structural engineering and is  interested in the behavior of slender masonry walls, FE modeling, and seismic engineering