The Masonry Centre

We are a research group through the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. We conduct research to reveal the full potential of masonry as the future of building science.

About the Masonry Centre

We innovate. We build.

The Masonry Centre is a research group that is the first of its kind in Canada to conduct critical, multidisciplinary research, teaching and training in order to develop safer, smarter and greener infrastructure using masonry materials.

Masonry is a time-tested material that offers an unparalleled combination of strength and environmental performance, and the Centre’s research aims to unlock its full potential for the benefit of Canadian society. Our students train with our world-class faculty, and use the latest tools for design, analysis, and computer simulation. Armed with these skills and knowledge, they go on to develop the next generation of masonry structures.

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Study at the Masonry Centre

Study at the Masonry Centre

Are you interested in conducting research on structural masonry, building science, seismic engineering, advanced materials, and structural simulation? Apply for graduate studies or undergraduate research internships with the Masonry Centre.

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News and Events:

A review of 2019

The Masonry Centre at the University of Alberta turned 1 year on January 25th2020. Over the past year, the Masonry Centre has been really focused on developing economical, sustainable and durable masonry systems. Their on-going commitment to their mission statement is evident in their success and the success of their students. Here is a flashback…

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Masonry Day at the University of Alberta

November 15th, 2019 Christopher Makepeace is a senior specialist, C.E.T. from Building Science Engineering LTD. He is acknowledged for his extensive experience in the field of building sciences. Today, he shared some of that knowledge with the students, pdfs, and professor of the Masonry Centre and with the contractors from the MCAA.  In his talk,…

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Maysoun Ismaiel is the 2019 recipient of the Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta-Northern Region Graduate Scholarship in Civil Engineering. She was awarded for her work titled “Analytical Modeling and Experimentation of Effective Thermal Transmittance of Masonry Walls”.

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