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Masonry Centre Inauguration

A formal ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of the Masonry Centre of the University of Alberta was held on Friday, January 25th, 2019.

Representatives from research institutes (Alberta Masonry Council, Canada Masonry Design Centre), local industry (Masonry Contractors’ Association of Alberta, FERO), and academia attended the ceremony.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Fraser Forbes; the Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Simaan Abourizk; the president of the MCAA (Masonry Contractors’ Association of Alberta), Mr. Mike Smith; presented and show their support.

Dr. Simaan Abourizk, Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,

The Centre’s Director, Dr. Carlos Cruz-Noguez introduced the professors and students of the Centre and research initiatives of the Centre.

Centre director presenting research challenges at the inauguration
Students and professors of the Masonry Centre

The professors along with their students presented on the research focus of each group.

Dr. Carlos Cruz-Noguez and his research team talked about research on load-bearing of tall masonry walls.

Dr. Douglas Tomlinson and his team presented on the structural behaviour of load-bearing double-wythe masonry walls.

Dr. Yong Li and his team talked about understanding the mechanical and probabilistic behaviour of masonry walls.

Dr. Yuxiang Chen and his team presented on enhancing the thermal and hygric designs of masonry walls.

Four professors of the Masonry Center.
From Left to Right:
Dr. Yong Li, Dr. Carlos Cruz-Noguez, Dr. Douglas Tomlinson, Dr. Yuxiang Chen